AEG recognizes that every project is unique and therefore our solutions are tailored to our client's specific needs and desires.  Our process, from project initiation to design to construction, is curtailed to each and every one of our clients.  Our client's satisfaction is our number one goal.  We believe that a happy client will be a repeat client and we work diligently with our customer to ensure that all project goals are sufficiently achieved.  Our adaptive process, from start to finish, is summarized below. 


Not all projects are initiated in the same manner, so our approach must adjust to different project types and client desires.  Some projects require face-to-face meetings, while others may require a letter of interest or technical proposal.  Whatever the desired project initiation type may be, AEG will adapt their plan for each and every project and client type. 


Since no two projects are identical, a "cookie cutter" approach, process, and solution that fits all of one type of project does not exist.  Because of this, we adapt our service offerings and approaches to each project and client. 


Technology is constantly changing and new effective products and software are frequently being introduce to the market.  AEG stays on top of the technology by attending industry seminars and researching new products and software that may provide innovative and cost effective designs and solutions to clients.  Additionally, we recognize that clients may have different modes of preferred communication techniques.  Whether it be telephone, email, face-to-face discussions, or even public municipal meetings, AEG adapts their communication methods to fit the client's preferences.  Effective communication is proven to result in projects with significantly higher success rates.


Project schedules can be a critical factor when a potential client decides whether we are a good fit for their needs.  AEG recognizes the importance in providing an accurate time frame with a detailed scope of services from the start.  If at any time a project falls behind schedule due to unforeseen circumstances, we make our best effort to adapt our internal schedule to meet the end deadline.  Additionally, some types of projects, specifically SWPPP inspections, require services be provided in specific and defined timeframes resulting from other incidents, such as a storm event.  Since the timing of these events cannot be predicted, AEG must be flexible and adapt their schedules accordingly.


Our customized designs for each project also require differing deliverables depending upon the project and client type.  Some projects may require a more conceptual, nontechnical deliverable while others may require a detailed plan set that includes plan & profile and cross section sheets.  Complex projects may require conceptual designs early on during the planning and preliminary design phase.  The conceptual designs can then be converted to detailed plan components to be utilized for construction.