Albert Einstein once said "In the Middle of Difficulty Lies Opportunity."  AEG's beliefs are on par with this quote as our services provide clients with opportunity when they are faced with obstacles.  Difficulties may be a result of being short staffed, lack of funding, being overwhelmed or unfamiliar with the process, deficient of required qualifications, or excessive workload.  Regardless of the type of difficulty, AEG recognizes the needs of our clients and provides opportunities to help.  Below are examples of opportunities that AEG can provide to prospective and existing clients. 


Government agencies are continuously being asked to do more with less.  As a result, staffs are left trying to balance finishing existing projects with beginning new projects and all of the required fine details in between.   If you are a municipality or public agency that is facing some difficulties with moving your projects forward to the next step, please contact AEG to see what types  of opportunities exist in advancing your project.


Construction seasons in Northern Ohio are finite periods of time and AEG recognizes that contractors are forced to do as much work that each seasonal period allows for.  Additionally, many contractors do not employ registered engineers or CPESC trained individuals as part of their staff.  AEG provides contractors the opportunity to keep their resources working toward the completion of projects and allows AEG to complete engineering tasks such as SWPPP design and inspections and MOT plan development.



Since engineering consultant workloads are cyclical and unpredictable, AEG provides engineering consulting firms with the opportunity of completing varying tasks within AEG's ODOT prequalification categories to help successfully maneuver through peak demands without adding fulltime staff.  Opportunities can range from defined design tasks on large projects, complete designs on smaller projects, or even temporary, short period construction engineer assignments on a LPA or ODOT Task Order project. 


With regulations and compliance requirements becoming increasingly more stringent, AEG provides developers with the opportunity to go to work for them.  AEG coordinates proposed development components with applicable regulatory agencies to help move developments forward.  Whether it be stormwater BMP's, roadway improvements, or site grading plans, AEG can help minimize the difficulties of the development process.


While AEG is not actively hiring, we are very much interested in obtaining resumes and engaging in conversations that may present opportunities for growth and offering of additional services.  If you are an aspiring engineer, surveyor, or industry professional that is interested in discussing opportunities, please send an email and/or your resume to opportunity@AdaptiveEng.com.

If you'd like to find out more about the opportunities that AEG can offer, please click the OPPORTUNITY button to open an email link and tell us about your situation. 


"Obstacles are Opportunities in Disguise" - Anonymous